Are you looking for handmade jewellery of top quality

If yes, then you are here at the perfect right place as our new unique and innovative internet shop has now opened its doors exactly here on this website. We as a company is part of a big Scandinavian Group involved in jewellery design and production, plus also involved in all Europe of online sales and marketing of jewellery and accessories. We are exclusive distributors and sales agents in all Europe of several Danish and oriental designers, who represents both the Scandinavian jewellery design but surely also the famous oriental jewellery design. The design we decided to sell, is one of a kind which you certainly will not find in any jewellery shop over the entire U.K and Ireland, it is special, it is unique and it is so beautiful if you would ask our customers in Denmark, who since some month's now have had the chance to purchase the collections of jewellery we can offer for sale. For your information, we will be selling only handmade jewellery, in gold, silver and also in various precious and semi-precious stones. We are not interested in selling any "factory made" jewellery, but we concentrate our efforts solely to offer our customers pure handmade and therefore top quality jewellery. We will offer only jewellery which we quality wise want to wear ourselves, so this combined with our triple quality control before sending any jewellery to our customers, this is our guarantee for our quality - our word is our bond!

We are therefore now so excited and happy to welcome you to our new internet shop with all you can imagine of unique handmade jewellery.